Head Coach Rob Baert Recognized by CKC

Senobe Aquatic Club is uniquely situated—one of three busy paddling clubs side by side on Lake Banook. There are dozens of paddlers on the water every day throughout the summer inspired by the lake, its vibrant activity and friendly competition. Senobe paddlers also look to head coach Rob Baert for encouragement! And he has some exciting news to share.

In November, Coach Rob was recognized by CanoeKayak Canada with a Coaching Excellence Award nomination along with several of his peers from across the country. When Rob travelled to Ottawa for CanoeKayak Canada’s annual coaching conference last weekend, he was honoured with the Club Development Award! The award recognizes a coach who has made significant achievements in developing a club or the sport at the grassroots level.

As Senobe’s head coach over the past eight years, Rob has introduced hundreds of new paddlers to the sport and mentored the competitive paddlers. Rob spearheaded Senobe’s PaddleALL program designed for athletes with physical or intellectual disabilities, and the program has grown to 17 paddlers over the past four years.

Paddlers are individuals with various needs, interests, temperaments, skills and goals. Coach Rob wants everyone to enjoy paddling and to develop as individuals along the way. We’re delighted his work has been recognized.

Senobe Head Coach Rob Baert (centre) at 2014 Pan Ams in Mexico City.
Senobe paddlers representing Canada at the Pan Ams (left to right)
Jack Leahy, Peter Lombardi, Jessica Hogg, Mark James and Ian McCormick. 

Congratulations Rob!

 More: <http://canoekayak.ca/tamas-buday-sr-and-rob-baert-recognized-for-coaching-contributions/>