Board of Directors

The board plays an important role in the operation and success of the club; they are volunteers that chair the committees that hire coaches, set the budget, set the program for the summer day program, the paddling program, master’s program and other day-to-day operations of the club.

Current Board of Directors

Troy Myers


John Leahy

Past Commodore

Mark James

Vice Commodore

Dennita Fitzpatrick


Tim Rissesco


Lorie Collins

Membership Chair/ Registrar

Steve Giles

Paddling Chair

Cheryl Jeffers Johnson 

Day Program Chair

Jennifer Nowlan

Master’s Chair

Iain Carew

Paddler’s Representative

Katie Orr

Fundraising Chair

Sebastien Bilodeau

Building & Maintence Committee Chair

Anna Carew


Derek Short

Boats and Equipment Chair

Josh Forbes

Clothing Program

Rob Baert

Head Coach (non-voting member)